Industry leaders providing pathways to professional development

We are proud to be supporting the next generation of flooring installers, at the very core of professional development within the industry.

‘Invest in yourself’

We believe that everyday is a chance to learn something new. Just because we know how to do something, does not mean we can’t improve our skills and techniques.

UK Based Training

FITA says – ‘On every training course, you’ll always hear our instructors talk about the “FITA Way”. It’s our philosophy ‐ it’s our mantra. Following British Standards and current industry best practices, utilising the latest products, tools and techniques, we believe our method of teaching gives you the best opportunity to learn new skills, develop existing ones, improve your confidence, gain a competitive edge and invest in your future’

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The America’s

Branching out into the USA training sector where professional development is encouraged to give installers a competitive edge against their masses of competition, The NAFCT caters for advancement of all things heat welding and flash coving, our favourite part of the job!

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3 Day Armstrong Training Event Hosted by Kevmor W.A

Exhibiting some of the key skills of Sub floor preparation, adhesives and sheet vinyl installation, and also covering all things accessories. This 3 day training event maximises the installers comprehension of new and existing products and techniques including the Stubbi Cove Rolling methods.

This specialised training was event organised by Kevmor Trade Supplies (Perth WA) and Armstrong World Industries Australia.

An initiative developed for extending professional advancement for Australian craftsman, exploring modernised fitting techniques and cultivating pride in floor finishing.


‘The fundamentals remain the same, but our ability to innovate changes everything’ – Stubbi Flooring Tools

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