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The move to water-based contact adhesives in commercial flooring

With the controversy over the continued usage of solvent based contact adhesives in the flooring industry, we are increasingly encouraged (and rightly so) for the long term health concerns of our installers and sensitive clientele to make the move to water-based contact alternatives.

The difference between a workspace filled with potentially deadly, flammable fumes of heavy solvent chemicals, and that of one where the air is clean and not at all contaminated by the water based counterparts goes without saying.
But, although testing has proved the non toxic products do work, we are definitely faced with noticeable performance issues when under pressure on the jobsite.

Water-based complaints such as long curing times, wet and messy to work with, then drying of to dead use, and of course, releasing after use means these products can still be improved.

These factors were taken heavily into consideration during the development of the innovative Stubbi Precision Cove Rollers.
The future of commercial flooring is facing a huge reform, pressure rolling of water based flash coving components is now inevitable to achieve an above standard finish, free from defects of slowly releasing, hand pressed surfaces, removing any further liability.

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Stubbi Commercial Precision Combo

Available now…

Available from your local flooring trade supplies store

Put the pressure on and stay on top of the game with the Stubbi Commercial Combo.

Combining the precision pressure cove roller along with the edge detailing roller for high spec commercial vinyl wall and floor installation finishing.

  • Make light work of all your coving, wrapping skirting and finishing needs.
  • Minimise marking
  • Reduces the need for added heat
  • Speeds up installation time
  • Remove the liability of coving failure
  • Improves weldability
  • Pocket sized access

1 x 28mm Brass Stubbi Mini-Cove Roller

  • Profiled Brass Head (20mm cove fillet)
  • Smooth Carrier Bearings
  • Twin Control Forks
  • 5″ hard beechwood handle

1 x 6mm Brass Stubbi Edge Detailing Roller

  • 6mm x 30mm Brass Penny Roller
  • Steel Swan neck Forks
  • Smooth Carrier Bearing
  • 5″ hard beechwood handle

Order today for express shipping from Australia!

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Stubbi ‘Edge’ Detailing Roller

Whether it is commercial vinyl, pencil coving, planks, carpets, tiles, marmo, vinyl skirting or wall vinyl, there is always a place for New The Stubbi ‘Edge’ detailer!

Don’t get caught out with hollow corners or curled up architrave cuts, get into it with the Stubbi Edge. This precision finishing roller takes care of all the finer details on the job and puts the pressure on where you need it the most, the perimeters.

No more splinters up your fingernails, ouch!

Get it right, get it tight #stubbi

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Meet Daniel Marsh…

Daniel has been in business providing floor covering solutions throughout the UK since the inception of Revive Flooring in 2003.  

During this time he has been committed to industry training through many disciplines such as wood installation, sanding and finishing, textiles, luxury design vinyl work and ceramics.  He was also one of the first tradesman in the UK to attain Master Installer status at the Quick-Step Academy in Manchester, England.  His  primary focus in later years has been in the commercial sector, where the main application is the craft of resilient sheet vinyl floor coverings, wall coverings and wet areas with coved perimeters and heat sealed joints.

Port Augusta Hospital Renovations. Reginal South Australia

In 2012, after a four year struggle to impress the judges in the Australian immigration department, his application was  finally successful.  Chasing a life of opportunity and adventure, he then took off to the south when he followed his lifelong ambition of emigrating to Australia.  That was over 7 years ago.  He has since become a proud citizen of this great nation and went on to establish DL Marsh Industries Pty Ltd.  

The ‘industries’ got its name due to Daniel’s entrepreneurial interests in many other avenues besides flooring, which brings us to the product design phase and creation of the much needed, precision over-engineered Stubbi ‘Cove’ roller range. 

Building someones dream…