Meet The Stubbi

If you’re hearing the words ‘Stubbi’ or ‘Cove roller’ getting thrown around a lot lately, there’s a good reason for that!

Commercial vinyl layers are seeing mass improvements in the quality of craftsmanship using the Stubbi Flooring Tools professional range.

The Stubbi® is an innovative tool designed to assist in the art that we in the trade known as ‘cove forming’.

Specifically designed for the commercial flooring industry of Australia, our adaptable roller has been built with the harshness of its environment in mind. It has been over-engineered to go the distance and is proving to become an essential part of the kit for vinyl installers around the world.

The innovative design supersedes conventional hand rollers in this field due to the dual radius profiled head, smoothly carried on its axis by twin ball bearings, making it a world first for lateral pressure contact during cove forming.

If we look at Australian Standards for resilient floor coverings, they state that “coved floor coverings shall be fully supported by a solid backing”.

By adhering to this method we actually remove the liability of movement completely between the connecting components, driving the cove fillet deeply into the juncture, embedding it firmly as manufacturers recommend, fully supporting the vinyl at its weakest point, the curvature of the skirting riser.

This also ensures that full contact adhesion of the sheet material and the cove fillet will occur using the pre and post rolling process, removing any liability of movement that causes weakness in the perimeters.

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