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FCI Magazine- December 12, 2019

Frustrated with the common failure of coved perimeters in commercial flooring, Marsh Industries has developed a pressure roller with a double rounded edge and orb style design which mirrors the cove former’s outside profile when it is installed in the manufacturers recommended high performance position. With its unique shape, installers can achieve full perimeter lateral rolling of cove former strips before the vinyl riser is installed. 

The Stubbi precision cover rollers ensure that: the vinyl floor covering is supported at its weakest point; no air space is left for bacteria to breed behind the installation; the improvement of weldability in vertical heat sealed seams; water-based contact adhesives are firmly pressurised and correctly crystallised for curing; and removes the liability of movement. The Stubbi rollers are endorsed by Quantum Flooring Solutions UK, and are a part of the installation curriculum at the Armstrong Training Institute in Melbourne Australia.

A simple 3-step process eliminates cove failures. (1) Pre Roll – Rolling of coving strip into adhesive at wall/floor juncture; (2) Installation – Rolling of vinyl sheet product firmly onto cove former strip at base level; (3) Post Roll – Finishing rolling of installed vinyl product neatly into curvature and wall risers.

The Stubbi Precision Rollers was launched to by Sweeney Todd Blades’ distributor networks across the UK in November. Marsh Industries is also seeking highly reputable companies for exposure in the U.S. market

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The Flooring Magazine- Australia / New Zealand
March 2020
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‘The Next Generation of Pressure Rollers Arrives’

‘TODAY we take a closer look at some of the features and benefits of the new, patent pending, Stubbi precision cove rollers,’ says the company.

‘Designed by long-serving installers in Australia, these tools are another step towards the refinement in the art we know in the trade as ‘cove forming’, eliminating defects and raising standards,’ says Stubbi.

‘The precision profiled orb mirrors the external face of the cove fillet, allowing it to be rolled laterally along the cove strip, embedding it firmly into the wall/floor juncture. This process is then repeated during the application of the vinyl sheet, removing air pockets and undulations that may later lead to failure. A world-first for lateral pressure rolling during cove-forming.’

Stubbi’s recommended three-pass method of pre- to post-lateral rolling claims to remove the liability of movement caused by ill-fitting cove fillet or adhered surfaces. This process now reportedly ensures:

  • the vinyl is supported at its weakest point
  • it leaves no space for bacteria to breed
  • the need for applied heat at install is reduced
  • water-based contact adhesive is firmly pressurised and correctly crystallised for curing

The Stubbi rollers are available in two sizes, 20mm Mini-Cove and the larger profile, the 32mm Lino-Cove. Stubbi also produces a companion tool, The Edge, a 6mm brass penny roller to cater for micro- coving and detailing work.

Originally trained in the UK, the product developer is Daniel Marsh of Marsh Industries. Daniel has been installing commercial flooring systems for 18 years and has reported: ‘The sheer amount of coving failures we were attending was ridiculous, we had to come up with a solution at the root of the cause.’

Stubbi cove rollers are reportedly endorsed by manufacturers and are being exhibited in floorcovering training institutes. They’re available now from selected distributors in the UK, Germany and Australia.

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