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Stubbi Commercial Precision Combo


Stubbi Commercial Precision Combo

Date: 1 Jun 2019 | Category: Blog

Put the pressure on and stay on top of the game with the Stubbi Commercial Combo.

Combining the precision pressure cove roller along with the edge detailing roller for high spec commercial vinyl wall and floor installation finishing.

  • Make light work of all your coving, wrapping skirting and finishing needs.
  • Minimise marking
  • Reduces the need for added heat
  • Speeds up installation time
  • Remove the liability of coving failure
  • Improves weldability
  • Pocket-sized access

1 x 28mm Brass Stubbi Mini-Cove Roller

  • Profiled Brass Head (20mm cove fillet)
  • Smooth Carrier Bearings
  • Twin Control Forks
  • 5″ hard beechwood handle

1 x 6mm Brass Stubbi Edge Detailing Roller

    • 6mm x 30mm Brass Penny Roller
    • Steel Swan neck Forks
    • Smooth Carrier Bearing
    • 5″ hard beechwood handle

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