Stubbi flooring cove rollers I feel are the best new floor covering installation tools out there! I’ve waited years for these to come out! I would highly recommend these tools to any installer!! The ease of rolling the material in the cove stick is priceless!! I feel there will never be a failure again if your using Stubbi flooring tools!!

Jason Palmese – specialised commercial installer, San Jose, USA

‘Have been using this tool in the Armstrong installation school this week. Students loved it. This is a great little tool’

Mark Willis Installation and Technical Services Manager at Armstrong World Industries Australia – Melbourne, Australia

‘A great tool, and should be part of every layers kit’

Mark Vidal – Director, All Spec Flooring Services SA

‘We seen the value in these tools straight away and had to get our team of installers on board. A great innovation and quality product’

Damien Boulton – Managing Director, Malmax Carpets Ltd

‘Absolutely Mint!’

Lew Waters – Commercial Flooring Specialist – Solihull, UK

‘Stubbi flooring tools makes sure the material is tight to the cove-stick, ensuring proper installation and heat welding’

Daniel Gonzalez – Preferred Flooring MI LLC / NAFCT Instructor – Winner of installer of the year competition, International Surfaces Event 2020, Las Vegas

‘I am very impressed with the quality of the tool and it’s performance’

Stephen P. Gundlach
President & CEO Gundlach Tools
Beno J. Gundlach Company USA

Karle Walton
Director – K Walton flooring Pty Ltd

‘I’ve found them to be of great use for wall vinyl also on cove former in over 20 years in the business I’ve seen them but never owned one until now fantastic tools to have thanks again’

‘Cannot praise the stubbi enough.. as a high end hard floor installer this tool has improved my installations so much’

Leon Hynes – Master Floor Layer, Birmingham, UK

‘Love your high quality Stubbi floor rollers & so do the installers’

Paul Klein – Managing Director, Diplomat Blades Group, Melbourne Australia

The wheels of steel

‘You can feel the quality when they are in your hand. Great product!’

Michael Quelch – Product Photographer, Sydney Australia

‘The Stubbi is a nice product that has merit’

Lance Crain – Vice President Crain Tools Cutter Company USA

‘A great universal tool with lots of potential’

Colin Hutson, lead installer @ Malmax Carpets, Adelaide South Australia

‘We think, that the rollers are very good as my father Peter was also a floorer’

Katrin Bandle-Caruso – Managing Director Bandle knife and tool factory, Germany.